My Role Playing Game Stuff

Most of these resources are horribly out of date. I've been away from the gaming table for too many years to mention. Keeping a startup business running is hard work. I miss gaming, and need to try and work that back into my schedule.

While I've continued to develop 'stuff' in FileMaker, I have not updated any of the apps or recourses here till now (Nov 2013). One of my gaming group [finally] got himself a mac and needed the dice roller updated. So I took the current v3 alpha build I had and turned it into a working runtime. See the RPG Dice page for more info...


My fan site for Epic Comic's Alien Legion. (Requires Flash)


RPG Dice Roller Application!
Minor Update for 2013!!!

(now compatible with current Mac and Windows OS)

  My Hero System 5th Ed. conversion for Babylon 5
(note that this has moved to

Hero System Resources

  Shadowrun Stuff (coming)
  Filemaker Resources
(most of my stuff is in Filemaker)
  Star Wars Stuff For West End's Star Wars RPG (coming)

RPG Links on the net (vey dated)


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