FileMaker RPG Aids
  RPG Dice Roller Application

This is my "Copious Notes" File used for traking game notes, characters (PC's and NPC's), and assorted other things one wishes to keep track of. Supports pictures as well.

The runtime is a "quick and dirty" build - meaning I didn't do a lot of tweaking to make it fit smaller monitors or have a lot of interface controls. It also does not track different games - for example, I have copies of the Filemaker file for each game we run. But making a copy of the runtime folder may not have the same results. If this is something you may find useful, let me know and if there is enough interest, I may tinker with it. Also, if there is a feature you would like to add, email me and I'll see if it can be done. Any feedback is always welcome.

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New version January 2005.