RPG Dice Roller - Updated for 2013!

The Dice Roller is available as a Mac or PC download:

Older Releases:

(Supports Win98, MacOS9)

Mac (OSX) or PC download:
  RPG_Dice_2.0.sit (9.4mb)
  RPG_Dice_2.0.zip (9.8mb)

Email me if you would like to be kept updated on future releases.
Realms of Wonder by Action Studios!
Dominion Rules by Dominion Games!
Please report any bugs to me at tony@aroooo.com. Also let me know if you would like other RPG's added.
Previous Downloads:
v1.x (PC): 6,642
v1.x (Mac): 1,124

This is version 3.0 Alpha, released November 2013. It does not include a time limit. View history...

While I've continued to develop 'stuff' in FileMaker, I have not updated any of the apps or recourses here till now (Nov 2013). One of my gaming group [finally] got himself a mac and needed the dice roller updated. So I took the current v3 alpha build I had and turned it into a working runtime.

All the existing systems should work just fine. I never got to finishing the dice for Shadowrun 4 or EarthDawn. Maybe one day...

Move the mouse over the 'buttons' on the image to see a screen shot of the specific dice rollers available.
The download is a compiled FileMaker Pro 12 runtime engine. Regular Filemaker files are available upon request.

Supported platforms include Mac OSX and Windows. See this document at FileMaker for full system requirements.

If you have an iOS device, you can run the Dice Roller on it!! All you need is FileMaker Go from the iTunes App store (free) and a file name change to one file. email me for details (that way I have some idea of the interest). If there is a lot of interest, I'll update the dice layouts to be fully compatible with the iOS platform.


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