RPG Dice Roller (v3.0a, Nov 2013)


Dice Roller History:

November 2013 (v3.0 alpha)

  • Based on FileMaker Pro 12
  • Added compatibility with all current Mac and Window operating systems
  • Started to add a few new systems to the list...

July 2004 (v2.0)

  • Added compatibility with FileMaker 7
    • FUZION difficulty scale mechanics improved
    • Remembers window positions when exited
    • You can now have multiple dice windows open -- each window will display separate results
    • Windows now have appropriate titles
    • Window titles can be changed
  • Improved the HERO Dice:
    • Added individual die results display
    • Added custom Killing Damage Stun die sides (for house rule Stun rolls)
    • Added Killing Damage Stun Multipliers
    • Added optional OCV/DCV hit calculation display
  • Improved error checking (so you can't roll -3.7 dice)
  • Added dice roller for Storyteller (White Wolf)
  • Added dice roller for d20
  • Added modifiers (plus and multiply) to the generic dice section
  • Fixed some minor bugs throughout
  • Added individual die results dialog for many sections that did not already display the results (i.e. ShadowRun displays the results, now the general dice section can too).
  • Corrected some game company URL's and logos
  • Fixed several typos.

June 2002 (v1.3)

  • Added OSX version!
  • Added the required licence.
  • Added compatibility with FileMaker 5.5.
  • Added 'hand over' functions to all buttons.
  • Corrected copyright for Fudge.
  • Extensive improvement to the HERO Dice:
    • Obtained permission from Hero Games to use "Fred" graphic.
    • Updated "Fred" icon throughout.
    • Updated dice mechanics for Hero 5th Edition.
    • Added a fourth dice section.
    • Added 'natural body' counter to killing attacks for figuring Penetrating damage.
  • Added dice roller for GURPS.
  • Added dice roller for Decipher's Star Trek (CODA System) RPG.
  • Fixed some minor bugs in the ShadowRun dice.

June 2001 (v1.2):

  • Added this Read Me file.
  • Added copyright information.
  • Added dice roller for Dominion Rules, at the request of Dominion Games.
  • Added more error correction to dice rollers.
  • Cleaned up and improved D6 dice roller.
  • Created splash screen.
  • Retooled index page.
  • Retooled user interface throughout.
  • Added Prefs for changing background color and button bar color.

May 2001 (V1.1):

  • Added dice roller for Realms of Wonder, at the request of Action Studios.
  • Added dice roller for Fudge, at the request of some users.
  • Extensive improvement to FUZION dice:
    • Added user modifiable difficulty scales.
    • Added individual dice results fields.
  • Cleaned up user interface:
    • Added 'icon' to Dice image to better represent clickable object
    • Other minor cosmetic fixes.
  • Added Initiative to Shadowrun Dice.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.
  • Added Preferences Option to remember last used dice.
  • Removed beta timer.

April 2001 (v1.0):

  • Original release.

Future plans:

  • Dice roller for D20 (although I have to buy a D20 game first).


  • Some feedback from Fudge players; especially some Help text.

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