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Christmas 2001




Alex's Second Christmas Concert!
Christmas 2001


Halloween 2001 at Sue's office
with the skeletons


Frankfurt 2001
WCRF Office (13 picts)


Phil's Birthday and
O's Game (10/2/01)


Frankfurt 2001
Frankfurt Zoo (163 picts)


Frankfurt 2001
River Ride (63 picts)


Frankfurt 2001
Outside Shots (201 picts)


Frankfurt 2001
Inside Shots (156 picts)


Easter 2001


The reconstruction of my pool


Alex Meets Barbie
Spring 2001


Last night in London party
No more Tequila for me!


2001 Colonial District
Pinewood Derby


London Trip
Jan 2001


Pack 867 2001 Blue and Gold Dinner


Amsterdam Trip


Pack 867's 2001 Pinewood Derby




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