About Me!

Well, lets see. I was born... never mind...

Like it says at the bottom, my name is Tony Moller. I am a mid-thirty-ish year old network administrator in Alexandria, Virginia. I am Smokey Joe (the litte smoking fuzzy guy to the left). Its an old joke from one of my old jobs.

  I'm not looking for a job right now (don't worry Jerry!). In fact, I have one of the coolest jobs around. Maybe I'll tell you about that instead - but a bit later...

Photo Albums


If you are REALLY that interested in my personal life, I'v posted some of my photo albums. I have a cool one showing the reconstruction of my pool.

Click the Photo Album link at left to go to an index of online photo albums.


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My name is Tony Moller. Email me!
Stay tuned. More to come!